Calgary business trade exchange growing – Since 1996

Calgary business trade exchange looks grow!

Hundreds of companies part of the network

By Mario Toneguzzi, Calgary Herald November 21, 2012

Ken Lang, president of SabreTEC.

Photograph by: Leah Hennel , Calgary Herald

CALGARY — A local barter trade system among Calgary companies is hoping to double its business, currently trading millions annually.

Ken Lang, president of SabreTEC Business Trade Exchange, said there are over 300 businesses in the city that are part of the exchange.

“There’s this pool of companies and we’re growing all the time,” said Lang, who started the exchange in 1996. “We create new business and new sales for our members. We’re a business trade exchange. It’s a barter trade system.

“The goal now is to take the exchange and double it.”

Lang said the concept introduces companies to a new group of potential customers and creates business during typically slow times of the year.

“They have their normal business and we’re going to bring them extra and additional business,” said Lang.

The SabreTEC Trade Show is taking place on Thursday with more than 200 people registered to attend. The event is at The Head Space, 1817 10th Ave. S.W., with 5,500 square feet of SabreTEC vendors selling all types of gifts and merchandise.

To join the exchange, a company has to pay a one-time fee of $495. And every time a trade occurs it costs them seven per cent when they sell and seven per cent when they buy on the exchange.

“We have quite a wide range of companies,” added Lang. “Typically it’s going to be more small to mid-range businesses because decisions can be made in terms of the buying and the selling quite easily.

“This is a barter trade system and what makes it a business trade exchange is that we’re dealing with this multitude of companies within our network.”

Danijel Slisko, owner of United Decorating, has been part of the exchange for a couple of years.

“My operations manager suggested it. I really wasn’t up for it when we first got started. I thought it was a kind of wacky idea,” laughed Slisko. “I just couldn’t understand how it worked. It started very slow one thing at a time but over time I realized it’s a good group of companies that are involved with it. It’s not just your mom and pop-style of companies. They’re pretty reputable. That’s why I feel it works.

“Ken’s organization brokers everything but he makes sure there’s a good group of reputable companies involved with it.”



SabreTEC Business Trade Exchange Building B1 Currie Barracks
Suite #221
2451 Dieppe Avenue SW
Calgary, Alberta T3E 7K1