FAQ & Info Summary

Business Owner

Could your employees be busier?
Is your equipment being used at 100% capacity?
Is your shop empty on occasion?

If the answer is yes to any of the above; Trade through SabreTEC!           


Increase Your Sales

  • SabreTEC introduces you to an entirely new group of potential customers
  • SabreTEC “Trading Partners” bypass traditional cash vendors to buy from you
  • Your sales will increase. Your revenue will increase
  • Move excess inventory and utilize your capacity

Save Cash

  • Replacing normal cash expenses through SabreTEC means increased cash flow
  • You save your cash

Expand Market

  • SabreTEC is a fantastic networking opportunity within an exclusive association

How it works

  • SabreTEC business members trade with one another; there is no cash involved
  • Sell and then buy any product or service within the SabreTEC network

          Simply put; sell to one and buy from many

  • $295 one-time sign up
  • 7.5% for every purchase or sale
  • $28 monthly service fee
  • No Renewal Fees

Revenue Canada accepts barter as a legitimate method of payment. Revenue Canada recognizes SabreTEC as a third party record keeper for barter transactions. Revenue Canada requires that all barter transactions be reported on your business returns. SabreTEC will issue monthly statements to reflect these transactions. For accounting purposes, barter income should be treated like cash.

G.S.T. on all transactions is paid by the buyer in Trade$. The seller will provide their G.S.T. number so that a tax-input credit can be claimed in the same manner as cash transactions.

New members are announced in our Trade Flash (email bulletins) and listed in our online directory at www.bestinbarter.com . In addition, your trade broker actively promotes your business to the appropriate clients on the exchange. SabreTEC also sponsors client showcase mixers throughout the year.

You will receive weekly email bulletins and periodic brochure mailings. You can also access listings via our online directory at www.bestinbarter.com, which will provide up-to-date information as to who is currently trading. Your trade broker is more than happy to help you locate the products and services you desire on the exchange.

Everything is bought and sold at regular pricing. In our system, it is not price that gives you an advantage; it is your cost. When buying on trade you buy at your cost of doing business. As a result, buying on trade can save you a substantial amount of money. Competition within the exchange and SabreTEC’s policies and service team will help keep pricing in line.

SabreTEC Trade$ can be used personally. SabreTEC provides an excellent way to stretch your personal budget or enhance your lifestyle. Many SabreTEC members trade for personal items such as; works of art, vacations, jewelry, gifts and entertainment.

Employees welcome SabreTEC. SabreTEC is commonly used for bonuses and incentives.

If you sell to company A, you do not have to purchase from company A. You can use the Trade$ earned to buy from company B or C or D or any company on the exchange.

SabreTEC is very easy to use. Our experienced team of trade brokers is here to answer your questions and guide you in the right direction. They will provide you with spending ideas, marketing ideas on trade to increase your cash business and assist in facilitating trades. They will let you know if the products and services you are interested in are available on the exchange and will provide you with the contact information for that particular business.


SabreTEC Business Trade Exchange Building B1 Currie Barracks
Suite #221
2451 Dieppe Avenue SW
Calgary, Alberta T3E 7K1