About Us

In 1996, President & Founder Ken Lang modeled the start of SabreTEC after two long standing and successful Business Trade Exchanges in Connecticut and Chicago. The history is both fascinating and entertaining. To hear the full story, please click here.

Today, SabreTEC trades millions with hundreds of companies, all located in the greater Calgary area. Transactions include a wide range of business categories including; printing, dental, web design, asphalt, painting and so forth.

SabreTEC’s focus is to grow the exchange with quality members, adding new companies in categories as requested by membership. Some of the more recognized names on our roster include; Men in Kilts, Bell Media, The Hamptons Golf Course, Delta Hotel, Just in Time Furnace, Quick Print, XL103 Radio, Fourth Spot/Spot On Cuisine, The Eyesite … just to name a few.

In addition, SabreTEC trades globally through affiliations with a number of established national and international Business Trade Exchanges. The result is, SabreTEC members have an outstanding and unprecedented opportunity to trade inside and outside the Calgary, Canada region.

Special message from the President

Thank you for taking the time to learn about SabreTEC and our Business Trade Exchange. I promise you, this has been a fun 25+ year ride and I have enjoyed the adventure tremendously. We have established something very special here, and it continues. Join the fun!


Ken Lang
President & Founder

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SabreTEC Business Trade Exchange Building B1 Currie Barracks
Suite #221
2451 Dieppe Avenue SW
Calgary, Alberta T3E 7K1