The Barter

Members exchange their products and services, with NO CASH involved. When you sell on SabreTEC, you earn a Trade$ credit on our system. Use your Trade$ to buy from any SabreTEC member.

Simply put: Sell to one – Buy from many!

Business Benefits

No Cash

Replace cash expenses with trade.
Save your cash.

New Customers

Network within our business community.

More Business

Utilize capacity and excess inventory.


Partner with quality Calgary business owners.

Buying Power

What can I buy on SabreTEC?

  • Advertising
  • Business Expenses
  • Office Expenses
  • Automotive
  • Building Expenses
  • Staff
  • Dental & Health Needs
  • Personal

About SabreTEC

The SabreTEC Team

In 1996, president and founder Ken Lang modeled the start of SabreTEC after two long standing and successful business trade exchanges located in Connecticut and Chicago.
The history is both fascinating and entertaining …
Today, SabreTEC trades millions with hundreds of companies, all located in the greater Calgary area.
Transactions include a wide range of business and personal categories, expertly managed by our trade broker team which sports two plus decades of experience.

We are a growing exchange, adding quality members in categories requested by our membership.
In addition, SabreTEC is partnered with numerous national and international business trade exchanges. The result is, our members have an outstanding opportunity to trade both inside and outside the Calgary, Canada region.

Success Stories