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The Barter

Members exchange their products & services, with NO CASH involved. When you sell on SabreTEC, you earn credit called Trade$. Use your Trade$ to buy from any SabreTEC member.

Simply put: sell to one and buy from many!


Introduction to BARTER

Business Benefits

Increase Your Sales

Members bypass cash vendors to buy from you. Utilize capacity. Move excess inventory.

Save Your Cash

Replace cash expenses with trade. Keep your cash in the bank.

Expand Your Market

Network within our business community. Meet a new group of customers.

Buying Power

What Can I Buy on SabreTEC?

Business Expenses
Office Expenses
Building Expenses
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About us

SabreTEC, since 1996

Best in Partnerships, Best in Barter

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The SabreTEC Story

Success Stories

Local Business Friends

300 local companies barter millions in $Trade annually. 50 companies have been on the exchange for 20+ years!

Riverwalk Dental

I have been working with SabreTEC for over 10 years now and it has worked really well for me!

Men In Kilts

“We love SabreTEC and have been a part of the exchange for almost 20 years”

The Eye Site

“Rarely in business do you find a company with Integrity, Honesty, and Courage.”


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2451 Dieppe Avenue SW
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